Micrófono 3mts Solapa Lavalier Celulares Tipo C Profesional

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DESCRIPCIÓN Compact 3MT professional type C model 2020 microphone for general applications where it is preferred that the microphone be visually unobtrusive. Equipped with an anti-wind epson to reduce wind noise in outdoor applications and a clip to allow attachment to a solapa or corbata. This Solapa microphone is recommended for YouTubers, businesses, meetings, etc Suitable for music recording, recording, interviews, and chat NOT COMPATIBLE WITH GOPRO OR DJI OSMO POCKETCOMPATIBLE
AGD Mics
Lavalier Tipo C 3mts
Largo del cable
3 m
Usos recomendados del micrófono
Ideal para youtubers,entrevistas podcast,etc.
Frecuencia mínima - Frecuencia máxima
35 Hz - 35 Hz
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Tipos de micrófono
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